Workshop Overview

  • 1

    Workshop (1 hour)

    • Welcome!

    • A look at the research

    • Let's evaluate

    • A 3-step plan to better BIPs

    • Workshop Feedback

  • 2


    • Writing a BIP Visual Cheat Sheet

    • Sample BIP for workshop scenario

    • Sample BIP 3rd grade student

    • Sample BIP 7th grade student

    • Sample BIP - Residential Behavior Program

    • BIP Template

    • The Power of Visuals Infographic

Learning objectives

  • Be knowledgable

    Learn what recent research suggests are barriers to effective, long-lasting BIP implementation

  • Be analytical

    Practice evaluating actual behavior plans to identify what components make an effective BIP

  • Be confident

    Improve your BIP writing skills with our structured 3 step approach!

Our Survey Results

Attendees are invited to complete a survey upon completion of the course. These are the current results!


From Course Attendees

  • Kristine C.

    Doing this workshop as a recording helped with my flexibility. I was able to pause when I needed break or got distracted and go back as needed as well. However, I did feel that I missed out on sharing my ideas and hearing ideas shared by others that attended the live workshop. It may be helpful to still incorporate some of the ideas shared by others with the recording.

  • Kristin A.

    This was the best BIP workshop Ive taken. I would love if you could do one that discusses autism with strong OCD behaviors for say middle school or high school students.

  • Chandni P.

    This was a super helpful and heartfelt workshop. There are so many ways to write BIPs that are to meet insurance, school, and agency practices; however, the BIP is meant for family and classroom staff - this workshop points this out over and over again!

  • Morgan D.

    I loved the workshop. I am a new BCBA with not much experience in writing BIPs and am definitely not comfortable. So this was helpful in getting started to become more comfortable.

  • Renee D.

    I work in a school setting and am finding that I have inherited BIPs that are not easy to implement and therefore disregarded. This workshop was helpful in getting me to think about the 7 dimensions and why they're important!

  • Yolanda O.

    So many BIPs in schools are exactly what we should not be doing and are generally never used. Thanks for the new approach and confirmation of my thoughts on SHORT SIMPLE strategies vs 20 pages of nothing!

  • Katie E.

    Fantastic learning! Will be able to take this and apply to my practice with students immediately.

  • Raquel R.

    I absolutely loved this course! You simplified BIP's into steps and highlighted the important factors in creating BIP's. I plan to create a checklist for myself to make sure I have all recommended areas addressed before presenting my BIP. I also loved your flowchart!

  • Ever Q.

    My favorite part was that the training included specific examples rather than just discussing what should and shouldn’t be done.

  • Melissa C.

    This workshop was great! I loved seeing examples and non-examples provided of well written BIPs, that is something that I have found is missing in instruction on writing BIPs quite often.

  • Holly S.

    Thank you very much for this training. I am updating my BIPs right now and the information will be helpful to help train my BCBA supervises.

  • Irene M.

    This workshop really helped me to look at BIPs I have written, reevaluate them, and hopefully improve them so staff can implement them easily and with fidelity.