Workshop Overview

  • 1

    Workshop (1 hour)

    • Welcome!

    • A look at the research

    • Let's evaluate

    • A 3-step plan to better BIPs

    • Workshop Feedback

  • 2


    • Writing a BIP Visual Cheat Sheet

    • Sample BIP for workshop scenario

    • Sample BIP 3rd grade student

    • Sample BIP 7th grade student

Learning objectives

  • Be knowledgable

    Learn what recent research suggests are barriers to effective, long-lasting BIP implementation

  • Be analytical

    Practice evaluating actual behavior plans to identify what components make an effective BIP

  • Be confident

    Improve your BIP writing skills with our structured 3 step approach!

Workshop reviews

  • Doing this workshop as a recording helped with my flexibility!

  • Thanks for the new approach and confirmation of my thoughts on SHORT SIMPLE strategies vs 20 pages of nothing!

  • I really enjoyed the presentation. I love how you broke down the writing BIP process!